Lamb & Lion Inn 7.8 ⁄ 10

  • Flava Dave

    Oh, how close is this pie to greatness? I'll tell you. It's 2.5 points short.

    Let me talk about the good point first - the filling. This meaty, tasty concoction is superb. While my only criticism is the absence of a diced veg base [mirepoix] to add depth, it's up there with the best.

    The spanner in the works for me is the pre-cooked pastry 'cup' and separate puff pastry lid which sat askew the meaty dish like a flipflop resting on an upside down sod of soil. I can only assume someone at the Lamb and Lion has INSISTED the pie be served with two different textures of pastry, which is a 2.5-point-deduction mistake. For if this pie was wrapped [and cooked] in that same delicious short pastry that the 'cup' was made from, then I would be, y'know, delighted... Only then do you get to keep in all the flavour and aroma of the meat and gravy and generate that most delicious duel texture - soggy v crisp - pastry that only comes from cooking the stew and pastry together, which all good pies have.

    Dear Lamb and Lion: If you read this, please do it [the above]. If you can't, please comment to tell us why.

    Flava Dave
  • Lee

    A well presented individual pie which consisted purely of tender meat, a rich gravy and (weirdly) two types of pastry. Accompanied with a great mash and a selection of perfectly cooked vegetables. The ale taste wasn't as strong as I would have liked but then I don't think we've ever found a pie with a strong flavour of ale.

    Definitely worth a visit!

  • Camilo

    A short crust pastry house filled with delicious chunks of succulent steak (no veg or mushrooms in this bad boy) topped with a puff pastry lid. Served with some mash and an excellent selection of vegetables.

    A very good pie, just missing out on my top place due to a lack in ale taste and disjointed lid (although I do like the dual pastry thing).

    Will definitely eat here again.


Lamb & Lion Inn

Lamb & Lion Inn
2-4 High Petergate