Punch Bowl Inn 6 ⁄ 10

The first, and benchmark for all future pies, was sampled at The Punch Bowl Inn on Stonegate. The sign next to the front door claimed they had the best pies in York - well it's early days, but we'll see. The ale was Timothy Taylors Landlord and apparently they'd sold 696 pies this week.

  • Pistol

    'The best pies in York' is quite a claim, but this pie still impressed. Shame it wasn't made on-site, but it was still tasty, and definitely filled us up.. Lack of chips (and not even an option to switch the mash) was disappointing, but ultimately there isn't really much to complain about here. Solid construction, good meat, great gravy. I'd definitely have this pie again.

  • Lee

    Overall, quite good. A cubic shaped pie with good pastry and gravy, but I was disappointed with the quality and quantity of meat inside - bit fatty. I also have to dock 2 points because it was not made on the premises and 1 point for not having the option of chips.

  • Camilo

    A perfectly shaped pie served with mash (no chips option) and two veg. Filling consistency excellent, though it would have benefited from more chunks. Food arrived very quickly. Service was friendly, interiors lovely. I’d happily pop in here again.

  • Flava Dave

    Overall a good, tasty pie. Although not quite homemade, it was well presented and filling. The gravy was a touch glutenous but it did taste of ale. Chance upon this pie while stranded in the city and you won't be disappointed, but it's not one of the greats.

    Flava Dave

Punch Bowl Inn

Punch Bowl Inn
7 Stonegate



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