The Living Room 7.3 ⁄ 10

  • Camilo

    Another tasty stew with a pastry lid calling itself a pie.

    Nicely presented - with mash and extra jug of gravy. I purchased some extra Spinach too.

    LOTS of mushrooms. I hate mushrooms. I can't mark a pie down because it has mushrooms, but I can mark it down for having too many mushrooms. It did. I have.

    Disappointing lack of ale taste (Old Speckled Hen apparently).

    Wouldn't have this one again.

  • Steve

    Easily the most classy pie we've sampled, heck Flava and me had flippin' wine, although judging by how the 'ale' went down elsewhere, this wasn't a bad shout.

    This would never have happened if Pistol were here, he'd have battered us, or at the very least stopped us in our poncy tracks with some cutting and deserved abuse.

    The pie you ask, delicious, but not one that will stick in the memory.

    I'm of the opinion that a pie and a restaurant should stay clear of each other, the pie being the domain of pubs and other institutions carrying either no plates, or at most plain circular ones (I will tollerate oval).

    I take no issue with mushrooms, apart from that market trader who spends the last hour of work shouting the sale of his (singular) bag o' mushroom.

    Mash and gravy were tasty, and unlike others, my pie had plenty meat.

    Puff pastry lid does not a pie make.

  • Flava Dave

    Man, I'm still sweating... That pie was hot, and so was ALL of the air INSIDE the Living Room. Hot air and hot pie equals sweating, doesn't it? Why did I not wait for the pie to cool down you may ponder? Well time is money and all that, life's just too bloody short.

    So, I wish I'd done a comparison. I wish I'd actually laid out each and every particle of meat in a single line, on my plate, next to each and every last cutting of mushroom. Because I didn't means that I have no scientific PROOF that there was more mushri in the pie than pieces of, er, mi [meat]. My colleagues may or may not concur. but the fact that I have raised the question helps you get an understanding of the mushroom to meat ratio in this pie, albeit pure hypothesis.

    Well what the hell anyway, you might like more mushroom than meat in your STEAK and ALE pie...?

    OK, on to the ale infusion. There was none. Now let's address the pastry. Puff. So what we have here is a mushroom and gravy pie, garnished with carrot, celery, pastry, mash, meat and more gravy.

    I'm not very good at estimating the volume of gravy, but I'd say the total gravy content of this pie is bordering 6.5 to 6.6 litres.

    The thing is, it's still a tasty damn pie. It's well presented, the service is good but it's just a tad expenno, and perhaps contravenes the property mis-descriptions act or whatever, somehow - we've covered that. All the best, Pistol, mate.

    Flava Dave
  • Lee

    Well, the first review post Pistol, who we had put down, sorry, is living out his days on a farm far far away...

    Having already sampled their pie I knew what to expect and it didn't disappoint. Ok, it didn't have pastry surrounding all the sides, instead was served in a ceramic dish with Layer of pastry on top. I don't see this as an issue anymore but some pie connoisseurs would disagree. It was also nicely presented but then we were in a restaurant rather than just in t'pub.

    It seems the amount of meat inside wasn't equal amongst all the reviewers today, not that I really care, mine had quite a lot! I also like the inclusion of the assorted veg inside, I'm a big fan of mushrooms in a pie. However, I did think there wasn't enough of an ale taste, well, any to be fair, but it didn't stop me devouring everything in front of me. Not sure how it was achieved but the last mouthful was as hot as the first - Rather it this way than cold eh?!

    All said and done, this is a good pie I'd recommend to others.


The Living Room

The Living Room
1 Bridge Street



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